Group Deal Calculator

List Price
Discount % {{list_price * discount_percentage/100 * -1 | toCurrency}}
Sale Price {{price_after_discount | toCurrency }}
Commission % {{commission_percentage/100 * price_after_discount * -1 | toCurrency}}
Direct Costs % {{total_direct_costs | toCurrency}}
Gross Margin per deal {{gross_margin_per_deal | toCurrency}}
Deals sold, total gross margin (Immediate profit/loss from deal) {{total_gross_margin | toCurrency}}
Customer return rate % {{customer_return_rate_percentage/100 * deals_sold}}
Life time value of new customers
Net profit margin %
Incremental profit from new customers {{incremental_profit_from_new_customers | toCurrency}}
Long-term profit/loss from deal {{total_gross_margin + incremental_profit_from_new_customers | toCurrency}}

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