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Customer Strategy

Create a customer experience that matters

You have to be a step ahead of the competition to survive in the ever-changing business world. You may face new challenges each day. Our company can offer you a wide range of business consulting services which can help your business run more efficiently, avoid risks, reduce costs, and gain more profits. Our professionals will easily help you achieve your objectives.

How we get you results

We are a customer-oriented company, and our values drive us to achieve more.

1) Define Business Goals and KPIsWhat gets measured, gets managed.
Our first step in creating a growth plan for your business is understanding your business goals. The plan we create needs to be aligned with your objectives and provide clear effectiveness measures such as number of new customers in a specific period, lifetime value per customers, conversion rate through the sales funnel and value ladder, cost per acquisition and return on investment (ROI). We implement analytic tools to help us keep track of all activities and report progress toward meeting set objectives. Tracking key activities can also show gaps in the conversion system, online and offline and find opportunities to optimize sales and operational effectiveness.

2) Market Research - The 4D visionSuccess isn’t luck, it is research and analysis.
Customer research. Every campaign we run always starts with local research for your ideal customers. Custom surveys are used to study your market and interview them. This results in obtaining a deep understanding of their unique terminology and buying triggers. Only then can you properly target the market, position an offer and convert clicks into customers. The results speak for themselves.
Competitive research. We investigate your competitors on how they are positioned in the marketplace. We look at differentiating your business from your competitors but also creating a unique positioning in the market.
Industry research. When was the last time you investigated your industry? Knowing major trends will help you create proactive strategies to overcome threats and take advantage of opportunities. The only constant is change, so being at the front could open new opportunities for your business.
Keyword research. Understanding how potential customers are looking for solutions you can offer is not only important for higher search engine rankings (SEO), but also provides a clue into trends on how people are searching for your products and services. It could also highlight a new niche that you may be overlooking, and also serve as a guideline to prioritize your content. You want to focus on the keywords that will create relevant content so your audience is engage and provides the higher ROI.

3) Identifying and Targeting Your Ideal BuyerHit the bullseye with laser focus targeting.
We use hyper-focused targeting to show your ad only to those who are most likely to engage with it. By leveraging our research we create custom messaging and campaigns that appeals to the type of customer you want to attract. We focus on differentiating your business and solving a need to a specific niche. Attracting the right clients will help your maximize your ROI and lower your cost-per-acquisition. It doesn’t matter if it costs $50 per click o $0.01… If you are not making money, what’s the point?

4) Automated Follow up and NurturingFortune is in the follow up.
Streamline and simplify your time consuming marketing and sales tasks. Marketing automation helps you attract and nurture leads, eliminate the guesswork and provide quick responses. Automation platforms help us create customer-centric communications through multiple touch points (email, direct mail, text, voice, call tracking, etc) and have personalized, yet scalable conversations with prospects, simplify the lead qualification process and nurture qualified leads into paying customers on auto-pilot. 

5) Conversion Optimization Leads don't make you money, customers do.
Website traffic and new leads are useless unless they convert into paying customers. We focus on optimizing your funnel conversion through the buyer’s journey including website traffic, landing pates, sales funnels with A/B testing. We also provide sales training so your team can increase conversion, cross-sell and upsell to maximize each customer opportunity.. During our business strategy sessions will uncover key growth opportunities.

6) Relationship, Reputation and Referral Management It's always more expensive to acquire a new customer.
The buyer’s journey doesn’t stop with the first frontend sale, the opportunity is on the backend. We look into strategies to leverage your relationship with your existing customers, helping you stay ‘top of mind’. We create relevant communications through different touch points to help you build long-term and meaningful connections with your existing customers. When you stand out and show your customers genuinely care, you can increase customer loyalty, their buying frequency, average ticket value and in due time, they will become your raving fans. 
To incentivize your loyal customers, we work with you to create loyalty and referral programs that are relevant for your business. The most profitable and fastest growing businesses implement referral generation systems that ensure they will get more referrals each and every day!

7) Manage PerformanceMake your marketing accountable.
We establish clear schedule with milestones for the team and hold progress review sessions where we review results against goals and KPIs. We also review the sales process, identify key priorities and customer conversion gaps and turn data insights and customer feedback into action. . Together, we brainstorm new products and services and how to better leverage your business, improve customer experience and retention. We create a pathway to continuous improvement, stimulate long-term growth and achieve target goals.

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
-Benjamin Franklin-

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